Updating to Signavio Workflow Accelerator 3.99

To update Workflow Accelerator from a version prior to 3.72, you must first update the system to version 3.72 before you can update to version 3.99. Download Signavio Workflow 3.72 and follow the update notes (Updating to Signavio Workflow Accelerator 3.72) before you continue.

If you skip one or more versions of Workflow Accelerator for the update, also follow the update notes for all versions you are skipping.

For Signavio Process Manager integration

If you use Workflow Accelerator in combination with Signavio Process Manager, you must update Process Manager to version 13.3.

New Mongo DB version supported

Workflow Accelerator 3.99 now supports MongoDB version 4.0.x which comes with improved performance and functionality.

Workflow Accelerator does not support MongoDB version 4.2.x.

Workflow Accelerator still supports MongoDB versions 3.4.x and 3.6.x . Therefore, an upgrade to MongoDB 4.0.x is not yet required.