Signavio Workflow Accelerator Developer Guide

This guide is intended for users who want to write code to customize workflow behavior and integrate with other systems. The Signavio Workflow Accelerator User Guide, describes all aspects of using Workflow Accelerator without writing code.

Starting cases automatically

External systems start new cases using the Trigger API.

Integrating with external systems

You can also integrate workflows with external systems in three ways:

  1. JavaScript actions can connect to external systems via HTTP and WebDAV
  2. Send email actions can send email that includes workflow data
  3. Custom data connectors populate form field choice options with external data

Fetching cases and tasks data

Workflow Accelerator does not provide an API for fetching data about tasks and cases. Use the Analytics features to manually export reports in CSV format.

Interacting with tasks and cases

Workflow Accelerator does not provide an API for interacting with tasks and cases. Workflow Accelerator is intended to only be used via its user interface. This means that you cannot use Workflow Accelerator as an embedded process engine in your own application.