License types

To log in to Signavio Workflow Accelerator, your user account must have a user license that has not expired. You can choose between several license types:

  • Enterprise Cloud Free Trial
  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Academic Cloud

The Feature Overview section on the Workflow Accelerator product page shows the main differences between these versions. These differences affect:

  • which software features you can use
  • the amount of user file storage
  • the support level.

The Billing page in the application shows details of the current license type.

Enterprise Cloud Free Trial

The free trial license lets you try the full version of the software for a limited period without purchasing a license. To create a trial license, use the registration page (Europe server, US server, Australia server). When the trial expires, Workflow Accelerator will send you an email inviting you to purchase licenses.

Enterprise Cloud

An Enterprise Cloud license gives you full access to all features with minimum limitations. To purchase Enterprise Cloud licenses, contact

Academic Cloud

A free Academic Cloud license allows university students to use Workflow Accelerator to learn about workflow management. You may only use this license if you have a valid university email address. You may only use this license for educational purposes and not for administrative processes in an educational institution.

To register for an academic license, first register for the free trial. Then use the academic version link at the bottom of the purchasing page (Europe server, US server) to extend the license period for one year. Alternatively, use theStudent? Click here link at the bottom of the Billing page in the application.