Salesforce Integration

Signavio Workflow Accelerator integrates with Salesforce workflows. You can configure this so that changes in Salesforce will automatically trigger Workflow Accelerator processes.

Workflow Accelerator configuration

Before you can set-up Salesforce integration, you need to create an endpoint in Workflow Accelerator that Salesforce can send information to. Set this up in Workflow Accelerator as follows.

In the top-right user menu, select Services & Connectors.

Under the Salesforce heading, enter a new trigger type name and select Create.

Copy the generated Endpoint URL, or leave this window open for later.

Salesforce configuration

Before you can enable Salesforce triggers, you need to configure Outbound messages - a kind of Salesforce workflow action. Set this up in Salesforce as follows.

Select the Setup menu item, and select BuildCreateWorkflow & ApprovalsWorkflow Rules.

Create or edit a new or existing workflow rule, and in the Workflow Actions section, select Edit.

On the Specify Workflow Actions page, select Add Workflow Action and then New Outbound Message.

On the Configure Outbound Message page, configure the new Outbound Message, to define which object fields to send to Workflow Accelerator.

In the Endpoint URL field, paste the Endpoint URL from the Workflow Accelerator configuration you created earlier.

Select Save. Do not forget to activate the workflow rule as soon as you have finished the configuration. To do this, click the Activate button at the top of the Workflow Rule Detail page.

On the Outbound message page, next to Endpoint WSDL, select the Click for WSDL link, which opens a web service definition file.

Save the workflowOutboundMessage.wsdl file, which you will use to configure Workflow Accelerator, next.

Finish Workflow Accelerator configuration

For the final configuration step, use the web service definition file to configure the Salesforce service in Workflow Accelerator.

In the top-right user menu, select Services & Connectors, and then select the Salesforce trigger type you created earlier.

Select Upload document, and select the workflowOutboundMessage.wsdl file you saved earlier.

Now you can use the new Salesforce trigger in Workflow Accelerator.