Use the search function in Workflow Accelerator to find the following items:

  • Tasks
  • Cases
  • Processes
  • Reports
  • Comments

Included in the search are the entries in the name field of the categories, process descriptions and comments.

  • Search for exact phrases by putting the phrase in double-quotes "".
  • Use complete words as search terms.
  • Wildcards are not supported.
  • The search is not case-sensitive.

You can open the search page via the search icon in the main menu bar.

Main menu search icon
Main menu search icon

Enter a search term.

Search page input field
Search page input field

For every category, the number of results is listed on the left. After selecting a category, you see a list of all related results on the right. The list is ordered by relevance. Click a result to open it.

Search results with "Tasks" selected
Search results with "Tasks" selected

The folder icon next to the case name indicates the case status - open or closed.

The checkbox next to the task name indicates the task status - open or completed.

If you do not get the desired search result, refine your search, for example by adding or excluding keywords.